Domingo (Sunday)

Hopeness. Fearness. Death has no stink… 

Sunday morning we had the opportunity to attend the church of one of the SCORE missionaries- Juan 3:16 Iglesia in San Pedro de Marcoris. The message was preached in Espanol but a translator was present for the benefit of our team and another missions team staying with score. The message about “fearness” (as the translator pronounced it) was relevant to our experience here, and really spoke to our hearts, transcending language barriers. After church we were able to visit with some of the congregation and noticed that one of the infants present had several severe developmental abnormalities. We were already able to see God at work by placing Maria, our spanish-fluent, pediatric therapist, in that church at that time to be able to help the mother with treatment options and educational materials that the family desperately needed. God is good, all the time. 

Church was followed by an awesome trip to the beach, where several of us took time to enjoy the local climate. We spent time in the clear, blue water and relaxed on the sand. Little did we know that America Football is surprising fun with a volleyball on a sand soccer field with rugby rules. (The locals asked Luke, Evan, and Duane to join them in a friendly game). Proved to be very entertaining for the rest of us! 

We had a great Sabbath day of rest and preparation for the week in the clinic. Finished the day with Bible study and worship, and dragged ourselves to bed, anxious and excited for the morning. ImageImageImage


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