Sabado (Saturday)

Hola Amigos!

This morning we were able to get the internet at our place of residence to work. We’ve already seen God at work in so much that has occurred thus far on the trip. 

Saturday morning at 5 AM the team that met in Pensacola was informed by airport security that the crates that were packed with trip supplies (orthotics, donated clothing, therapy supplies) were too heavy to be transported in the plane due to fuel. Thankfully, Kenna’s husband Chad was able to be reached by phone, and he made a Walmart run to pick up the largest duffel bags he could find, and arrived at the airport at 5:52 AM. The team was able to repack everything in the bags in about 10 minutes, and made it through security with 1 hour until take-off. A big thank you goes out to Chad, and we had our first miracle of the trip: The conversion of boxes to bags!

In Miami, the whole team was united with three members arriving from New Orleans, one from Nashville, and one driving down from central Florida. The rest of the travel was relatively smooth sailing, and we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the location we’ll be staying for the week. We’re in a house with a few bedrooms (bunk beds!) that are air conditioned, though the main living areas are not. The house is in a gated, guarded community, which allows us to take short walks outside of the house. After dinner at the main Score location, we came back to our house, had some group bonding over Catch Phrase, and hit the sack early after a long day. 

We feel God’s presence here, and He is moving in a big way. Please keep praying for our team, the people of the DR, and SCORE ministries. 


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