Martes (Tuesday)

IMG_2133Out of the mouths of babes… Today was our first day dealing with children in the clinic. We had a morning filled with crying, near pooping, and funky baby feet. Some of our students were able to experience their first real-life therapy interactions with children. Other students continued therapy and wound care in other areas of the hospital. More patients with neurologic pathologies such as stroke were seen today in our outpatient clinic than yesterday. One such patient emphatically informed us she was a christian, and insisted upon praying for us immediately after we prayed for her. We thought that was pretty cool!

Both the students and the therapists commented on the increasing level of independence that the students are practicing with. With each new patient, we are gaining more and more confidence in both our physical therapy practice and in sharing the gospel. (And in our Espanol Tambien)

The undisputed highlight of the day was a lady who prayed to receive Christ. Mandy used one of our “evangicubes” to deliver the message of salvation. A score missionary, and local pastor prayed with her and discussed some local churches for her to grow in fellowship with other believers. Needless to say we left the hospital Happy Happy Happy.

We ended the night at SCORE Night with other mission teams from all over the country. Our team enjoyed praise and worship along with a sermon from a pastor and missionary from Honduras.

Tomorrow brings another adventure and opportunity to serve the Lord.  We will be working in a village at a local church treating patients from the surrounding areas. Continue to pray for our team as well as the people of the Dominican Republic.

God Is Good… All The Time… JACK!


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