Miercoles (Wednesday)

Guess what day it is…..

HUMP DAYYY!  –>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWBhP0EQ1lA

We were greeted at 8:30 this morning with the greatest ‘watchee’ of all time! (see pic below)Image

Today we had the opportunity to visit the village of the Haitian sugar cane field workers in San Pedro de Macoris.  We provided physical therapy services to a local nursing home that housed approximately 40 residents.  The conditions were less than optimal; however, despite this the residents exuded joy and were so grateful for us being there.  Several residents had thromboses (aka strokes), wounds, general deconditioning, and balance issues.  We also had the privilege to witness and pray with each patient.  Numerous residents were Christians and even prayed with or for us.  The Christian community there provided the cleanest conditions possible and displayed Christ’s love through their services.

After lunch, Sadrac (the local pastor in Juan Dolio and SCORE representative) gave us a tour of the village.  We were exposed to the harsh realities that face the Haitian immigrants that make their homes in this village.  Old sugar cane housing provided homes for many of the people.  Several of the homes were 1 room homes with 5 or more living in each.  Image

Many of the local children were very excited to see us. They ran up to us and jumped on our backs and played games with several of us. We played hand clapping games, soccer with a wiffle ball, and even got a few wounds in the process.  Several of the little girls had fun braiding some of the students hair and wanted many fotographias.  They wanted to come join us back at the nursing home, but were ushered away by the workers.


A 97 year old patient, Jude,  we interacted with not only needed help physically, but emotionally. When we first saw him he was curled up in a ball on an uncomfortable “lounge chair”; it looked as if he had been there several hours. We began to speak with him about his main complaint which was about the bar of the chair pushing into his back.  After simple positioning, Jude began to bless us and raising his hands praising  Jesus Christo for us coming and spending time with him.

Another patient, Reyna, was a 70 yrs. old woman with an above knee amputation who wanted some exercises for her shoulder pain due to the crutches.  She was one of the most optimistic patients we’ve had the opportunity to work with, and was determined to exercise and get better, even in the midst of her extreme adversity.  She was an extreme encouragement and blessing to the students who were able to work with her. After teaching her exercises, we offered to pray for her, but she insisted on only praying for her family. She was so selfless; a perfect example of Christ.

After a long day of therapy and experiencing the village, we were able to end the evening with a great devotional time with the group sharing our “high’s and low’s” of the day. It was a great way for us to share what Christ is doing in and through us during this week.

We hope your ice cream Wednesday was as tasty as ours. We are headed to bed happier than a camel on Wednesday!

-The PT DR Team

P.S.: We miss you Duane; it’s not the same without you!

*For grammatical errors please contact Lucas 😀


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