Jueves (Thursday)

Aye-yei-yei Mamacita!

Our journey to the site this morning took us through a different route through sugar cane fields (we even went over a suspension bridge #chadmcdaniel). We served the people of San Lucas Nursing Home and some of the surrounding village.  

Two of the most entertaining patients of the day were 100++ years old (109 and 106).  The gentleman who was 109 was joyously hallucinating and repeatedly called for his mother to let him go because he was tired.  He also spontaneously burst into song on several occasions.  The 106 year old gentleman was determined to perform his exercises and had more energy than most patients seen during the day.  

A smaller number of patients showed up today to receive the word of the Lord and therapy.  This allowed for us to spend more one on one time with each patient.  The extra time was well spent on a man who presented with significant wounds.  Two students were able to clean these, while two other students were able to pray with the man about the Lord and his quest for love.  

After lunch, we packed into our autobus to travel to another nursing home; however, due to the torrential downpour, we were unable to see any of the patients.  Hopefully we will see these patients manana (tomorrow).  Therefore, we were able to make use of the free time to support the women of Lily House.  This house was started to save young women from the harsh reality of prostitution and drugs that formerly plagued their lives.  This organization gives the ladies an opportunity to learn new trades to support their families.  Several students bought some of their delicious coconut ice cream and jewelry followed by listening to the heart warming testimonies shared by a couple girls.  

This evening we had a special dinner (Argentinian BBQ) prepared by and to raise support for the local church pastors and missionaries.  The leftover dinner will be donated to some of the local malnourished dogs in the community.  We attended church after dinner for SCORE night.  All of the organizations who are with SCORE, worshiped and listened to the word from the director of SCORE, Frank.  We ended the evening with a farewell to two of our clinicians, Ashley and Mary.  They have been a wonderful blessing to the team and people of the Dominican Republic.  They have become a part of the family and we will truly miss them.  We pray for safe travels for them tomorrow.  

Please say a prayer for our last day serving the Dominicans in the community.  

God Bless, and Buenos Noches


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