Viernes (Friday)


After a night without internet service here at headquarters, we are back with a blog entry for Friday. Today, we traveled to the village of Consuela. After traversing mile after mile of sugar cane fields, our team set up shop in a local church and began our day of sharing God’s love. This village was home to many Haitian and Dominican sugar cane workers and their impairments reflected the back breaking labor they perform each day. Interestingly enough, directly behind the church stood a pig pen. Two farmers went about their work as we treated the patients, and the occasional squealing of a pig became a normal occurrence by mid day. 

One patient to which our team was able to minister presented with a chronic wound from a gun shot to the arm. A pair of our students, while treating him, discovered that he was not a Christian and shared with him some verses from the book of Romans. He eagerly expressed a desire to know Jesus but said he wanted to come to Christ with his girlfriend. Our students prayed with him and we continue to lift up he and his family.  

A major high point of our day was actually having time after the workday to interact with the kids. The children of Consuela are now joyously decorated with Mobile Mardi Gras beads! Our students enjoyed a friendly game of futbol (soccer) with the kids while others sang and played other games. 

When we arrived back at the score compound, we found out there was a patient with a wound that needed attention. We were able to clean and re-dress the wound for the gentleman who is only able to have 2 visits/ month to address the wound on his leg. It was a great blessing that we had the medical supplies available for him to take home to be able to facilitate his healing independently at home to make up for the lack of coverage for medical care. 

Our return home was met with a greeting again from the greatest “watchee” of all time (see the blog from Thursday). As a group, we decided to go out and meet the man who always helped to start our days and evenings on a positive note. His name was Miguel and he has been announced to be the happiest person we have ever known. It was evident from his greeting and willingness to take a picture with our group that he has enjoyed our ruckus as we entered and exited the complex every day. 

The evening ended with group devotions and discussions about our high points and low points of the day. It was bitter sweet recognizing it was our last day of mission work in the Dominican Republic… for this year. We’ve began discussing the future of this mission for students and clinicians, as well as all of us returning. The Lord has been so faithful throughout the week, and our love for the people of this country has grown exponentially.  



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